Jotted down on 14 August 2013 23:33

so apparently, i can be quite discipline. thanks to an array of cream from my skin doctor. not a single day passes by without following my prescribed beauty regime.

gratitude. love.

13 August 2013 00:11

..looking forward to be 40? why?
oh it has been sometimes. i am so looking forward to be 40. to be a happy 40 year old woman, financially stable with a good job that i enjoy so much.
yep, you see i don't want to fall to a stereotyped of single women who are bitchy. i am not, am i?
no, def not. see it's because you are surrounded by people who love you. also although single you have someone who loves you so much

loving people in my life, thank you for all your love. you know i am thankful that i have you in my life!


11 August 2013 11:29


a morning talk with my significant other reminded me of this very man in my life. the man i called papi. my father.

a man who never ceased to amaze me with his vast knowledge on things and the way he loved his children.

a man who would ask his wife to check his sleeping children if they were still breathing, who would stay up to wait for his daughter's (30+ years old daughter!) stuffed animals to dry under the sun, who would peel kilos of rambutan so that his daughter would be able to just eat em and so many amazing things.

but what amazed me most about him was when he answered my question what to dictate is in indonesian, four letter word. i know then that he was just amazing!

man, i am so proud of you! papi, my father!

15 April 2014 22:53

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got a chance to hug a tibetan mastiff. what a wonderful day! 16 March 2012 15:43

after a week plus under the intense cold of china, i am so welcoming the hot weather of siem reap. two more days to go! 16 March 2012 08:13

di luar hujan salju. brrr .. kangen siem reap! 15 March 2012 14:38

having omelette with yak cheese for lunch. yummy! 15 March 2012 14:42

semalam sedih banget mikirin bakal ninggalin lijiang, beranjak ke shangri-la. hmm aneh ya? 14 March 2012 18:06